Office Cleaning Services

Silver City Cleaning can help keep your office looking its best while creating a healthier and safer work environment. We tailor our services to fit your needs and budget. And, we offer flexible schedules whether it be a one time clean of your office or a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service plan.

Below you'll find a sample Detailed Work Schedule that illustrates the variety of tasks that we can perform when servicing your offices. Please note that we provide a variety of other services such as special event clean up and handyman services. These valuable services help you focus on other responsibilities and reduce the hassle of managing additional service providers.

Sample Detailed Office Cleaning Schedule

General Office Areas Times Per Week Times Per Month Times Per Year
Empty trash and recyclables
Vacuum carpets and spot clean as needed
Dust horizontal surfaces (desktops, furniture, file cabs, window sills, ledges, phones, picture frames)
Clean conference tables and neaten chairs
Spot clean doors and switch plates
Clean drinking fountains
Empty trash
Refill dispensers (soap and paper goods)
Clean mirrors and bright work
Clean sinks, fixtures, and counter tops
Clean and polish dispensers and trash bins
Clean toilets and urinals
Spot clean doors, partitions, walls
Clean and polish door kickplates
Kitchen Areas
Empty trash and spot clean bins
Clean sinks, fixtures, and counter tops
Spot clean doors, walls, switch plates
Clean exterior of appliances
Clean microwave interior
Spot clean cabinets
Clean tables and chairs
Restock dispensers (paper, soap, coffee, condiments, etc)
Clean and polish bright work
Entrance and Lobby Areas
Clean entrance glass and sills
Vacuum entrance mats
Sweep and mop hard floors
Dust and spot clean furniture
Vacuum carpets and spot clean as needed
Empty trash
Police entrance area for debris
Periodic General Cleaning
High dusting
Dust blinds
Clean vents
Replace burned out bulbs
Periodic Floor Maintenance
Spray buff resilient floors
Scrub and wax resilient floors
Strip and wax resilient floors
Carpet cleaning -- bonnet system
Carpet cleaning – encapsulation system
Carpet cleaning – extraction system
Scrub tile floors
Apply protective sealer to tile and grout
Scrub and seal concrete floors
Mechanical Rooms
Sweep floors
Change filters
Dust low flat surfaces, tops of equipment and racks
Exterior Maintenance
Sweep walks
Police grounds for debris
Cut and trim lawns
Water lawns, shrubs, garden areas
Window Cleaning
Exterior windows
Interior windows
Closing Instructions
Arrange furniture
Report any damage or unusual circumstances
Secure exterior doors and windows
Turn off lights and turn on night lights
Activate alarm system
Equipment and Supplies (who provides them) Silver City Owner
Buffers – Vacuums
Cleaning gear (carts, buckets, mops, etc)
Soap and paper goods
Cleaning chemicals
Light bulbs
Plastic bags